Julie Stone, C.H.T., C.C.N.
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"I never would have thought I would be the one to tell my friends I swear by my colon hydrotherapy. I spent most of last year in severe pain that doctors could not diagnose. Turns out it was gallstones - over 200 of them. After completing a natural treatment regimen to rid myself of the stones, I felt much better, lost 35 pounds, which I needed to lose, and had more energy. But my digestion was still very sluggish. I was referred to Julie by my chiropractor. Julie, in her kind, gentle manner, was able to help improve my digestion and to have healthy regular bowel movements that had not occurred in years. The colon hydrotherapy also helped decrease the swelling in my left leg. I came to realize how key healthy digestion and the colon is to the quality of life."

- Blanca, San Marcos

“My name is Jaimie and I have been doing colon hydrotherapy for two years now. Initially, I began because, although I am in great shape, I had been very bloated and reacting to everything I ate. I began with a session each week and after one or two months I would have a session every other week. Last May I discovered I had a giardea parasite living in me for almost a year, which caused my food reactions and bloating. Colon hydrotherapy, along with the help from a naturopath rid my body of the parasite, however it has left my digestive track without an digestive enzymes. This January I was diagnosed with leaky gut. I am allergic and reactive to many foods, including dairy, gluten, eggs, almonds, and beans. I am healing my gut with supplements and monthly colon hydrotherapy sessions. I find a lot of relief after my sessions, especially if I have had a reactive food within a week. I have seen tremendous progress over the last few months because I have finally been able to pinpoint my allergenic foods and am now on the road to healing. Colon hydrotherapy leaves me feeling clean, energized, healthy. and less bloated. It will take along time to heal my condition, but I plan to keep having monthly sessions for the rest of my life. I feel that with all the environmental toxins and stress that we are exposed to, we can never truly rid our bodies naturally. Colon hydrotherapy is an excellent way to clean and detoxify ourselves. My time with Julie has been great. She is not only my hydrotherapist and physiologist ,but my friend, as well. Julie is extremely knowledgeable in health and nutrition. I have a lot respect for her and her recommendations.”

- Jaimie, Encinitas

“Colon hydrotherapy is one of the best health decisions I have ever made! I truly believe that it saved my life. Julie is so caring and considerate. She is informed and continually looks for ways to help continue to make progress in your care. After repetitive pesticide and chemical exposure on the job, my body became toxic. The only relief from the toxicity and the pain it caused was through colon hydrotherapy. Julie is a wonderful human being and made me feel very at ease. I recommend her highly to everyone I know.”

- Kelly, Oceanside

“I was referred by a physician because I was in the state of chronic constipation. I have found Julie to be very professional and she takes great consideration in the comfort and welfare of her clients.”

- Don, Carlsbad

“I was experiencing many significant health problems and they were getting worse. Searching for solutions, I decided to try colon hydrotherapy again. I began getting colonics with Julie every two weeks. Julie was always compassionate and patient about my physical challenges. She was also well informed when answering my questions and helpful about suggesting resources that I could research further. Julie made it as comfortable and easy as possible for me to have colonics. Within a short time, I experienced major improvements. My digestion and elimination systems felt better and worked better. Many of my other systems have gotten progressively better. I have more energy, stamina and a better emotional attitude. Most importantly, I have renewed hope. I am incredibly grateful to Julie for helping me make significant progress in my healing process. She is a skilled colon hydrotherapist and a wonderful person. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

- Iris Joy, Jewelry Designer, Escondido

“I sought out this treatment first and foremost because my mother actually died of colon cancer. Although I eat a healthy diet and exercise, I was often constipated and bloated and mainstream/Western methods were unable to help. I did have temporary relief with acupuncture and chiropractic sessions as well but they were short-lived. I feel so much better and lighter now. I truly believe this intervention saved my life. I have lost the bloating in my entire body, I have more energy, I sleep better, I look better and I have more confidence. I am happy to realize I have taken charge of my health. Also with counsel regarding nutrition and with the help of Standard Process supplements, my overall health has improved greatly. I tell others that I know I am feeling happy, healthy and energetic due to these treatments and I would recommend them to everyone. As a happy side effect, I have lost a couple of waist sizes. Thank you for saving my live! Also your sweetness, concerns and kind demeanor has meant the world to me. Your easy manner puts one at ease immediately. Bless you…”

- Carol, Cardiff-by-the-Sea

“I choose to do colon hydrotherapy because I wanted to create the most complete detox that I could during my 21-day detox program. One of my main symptoms was insomnia. Julie made the process seem very natural and easy. I really feel like it was a perfect adjunctive therapy to the detox that I did.”

- Sharon, Encinitas